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Leah MacDaniel

There are lots of statistics about the average cost of traditional weddings, but there isn’t much information out there about how much you can expect to pay for your elopement.

That’s partly because the definition of an elopement is still very fluid, which makes data collection complicated.

However, the generally-accepted estimate of the average cost of an elopement is between $5,000 and $15,000.

Estimated Elopement Budget Items

This estimate accounts for:

Some additional costs to consider:

A small wedding centerpiece of foraged flowers and mosses.
A small wedding centerpiece of foraged flowers and mosses.

Having an eco-friendly, low-waste wedding can sound daunting, but it’s actually a totally achievable goal! Here are some of my favorite tips for planning a sustainable and beautiful wedding celebration!


Vintage Or Heirlooms

I certainly don’t have to tell you how stylish and unique vintage attire can be! Instead of shopping new, check out your local vintage shops for dresses, suits, jewelry, and more!

Shop Your Closet

Have your bridal party wear something they (or their stylish friend) already own! Or if they want to buy something new, have them pick out something on their own that they love and would wear again.

Rent It

Why drop piles…

Are you thinking about eloping but worried that you might regret it? You’re not alone!

Couples around the world are asking themselves and other couples on the internet this question every day. If you look at message boards or forums on wedding planning sites, one of the top questions you’ll see related to elopements is “Do you regret eloping?” However, for as many people who say they regret eloping, you’ll find someone who says they regret having a big wedding and not eloping!

So what’s the right choice?

The answer is “well, it depends…”

I have analyzed blog posts, message…

Leah MacDaniel

An elopement photographer based in Richmond, Virginia

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